What is it like to work with us?

Our employees are the most important link to our success and respecting the highest ethical standards and high integrity in line with company values empowers the company on a daily basis and creates greater connectivity and sense of belonging. We create an organization where employees develop their potential. We are dedicated to continuous maintaining high standards of working environment and building our work on fairness. The company’s human resources policy is valid for all countries in which we operate.

People make progress and achieve the best results when their career development is clear and recognizable, so we recognize and reward the best employees and each their additional contribution. Everyday we improve professional technical knowledge of key employees and care about talent and management development.

We pay special attention to identifying and managing talents, developing employees' careers, and retaining the company's knowledge that we consider to be extremely important.


I graduated from the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, specialized in Electrical equipment and electrical devices of companies, organizations and institutions. I was employed with AD Plastik Kaluga in 2012 as an electrician for repairment and maintenance of electrical equipment. My career has progressed fast so after a year I became an engineer repair technician, and a year later, the technical department manager. I’m proud to work in the AD Plastik Group, and for me, our factory has become the second home.

Vitalij Aleksandrovich Chunin

Technical Department Manager

In 2006 I graduated from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the State University Togliatti. My career in AD Plastik started in 2011 in the position of engineer-technologist for the production of plastic components. Working with trained and experienced professionals, I have gained large experience and knowledge that have helped me to advance my business career, so in 2015 I transferred to commercial management. Thanks to the work in the AD Plastik Group, I have acquired and continue to acquire great knowledge and skills.

Tatjana Valentinovna Juropova

Sales Coordinator

I have been employed with the company since 1995 and during the work I’ve participated in all the significant IT projects within the Group’s information system development. Working in our factories in Russia, Serbia and Slovenia, I met new countries, different cultures and ways of work, and gained new business and life experiences. The advantage of working in the AD Plastik Group is the experience I gained in the participation, management, design and organization of information systems development projects teams. I have also gained valuable knowledge of business in the auto industry. I have been enriching my knowledge with each new customer. The working environment is very motivating and dynamic, making it particularly interesting.

Irma Grčić Nišić

Business Application Manager

After working in the consulting services sector, I joined the AD Plastik team in 2014 in the position of accounting coordinator. Activities in a complex business environment, including work with other companies within AD Plastik Group, have created new challenges, opened up opportunities for acquiring new knowledge, but also the need for continuous learning. Work in the accounting sector of the company with subsidiaries and affiliates in foreign countries creates opportunities and therefore the needs for strengthening professional and interpersonal skills. The combination of interesting tasks, everyday challenges and the need for teamwork turn into a motivating work environment and I would certainly recommend AD Plastik Group as a desirable employer primarily to young people who are eager to acquire new knowledge and experience.

Krešimir Jurun

Executive Director of Controlling and Accounting

I graduated from the Modern University for the Humanities, Moscow, the Management course. I became AD Plastik Kaluga employee in 2012 as a production worker. By proving myself with my business results, a year later I was proposed for the position of an expert associate for production planning in the logistics department. I accepted the offer and started working on a new position, bringing the company only positive results. My work has not remained unnoticed and last year I became the coordinator of internal logistics. I’m proud to talk to my son about my job.

Ana Aleksandrovna Kartyshova

Internal Logistics Coordinator

My trip, that is, I can already say life in AD Plastik, started long ago, in 1998. At that time, little was known about our company, where it is and what does it do. The production capacities of the injeciton moulding plant were low, and the painting technology has just been launched. I started working as a data entry worker, and from today’s perspective, these were very strange and chaotic times. Several of us shared one computer and a phone line, which is totally unimaginable to today’s generations. Today I’m a production specialist and I perform very dynamic job that involves a wide range of tasks. Everyday communication and interaction with the employees is fulfilling me and I can say that I do the job I like. Today when I say where I work, everyone knows about us. I am proud and happy that I have participated in the transformation and growth of our company, which is a respectable international company today.

Gordana Katalenić Vadlja

Production specialist

I joined the AD Plastik team in September 2012 and discovered completely new business challenges with which I’m dealing sucessfully. Although I already had eleven years of experience, working in such a complex and dynamic structure is extremely motivating for me. The realization of my business vision is what makes me particularly happy at work. I have formed a legal team of expert consultants whose work gives added value to the company’s business. My business goal is to constantly develop and improve legal thinking as a tool for company’s risks reduction, and in AD Plastik Group I have realized that the achievement of this goal is possible.

Ana Luketin

Executive Director of Legal Affairs

After 20 years of successful career in a multinational company, for personal reasons, I decided to change the place of work and therefore the company. I was given an opportunity to continue my career in the AD Plastik Group at the top management position of the same rank and area of responsibility, which I accepted without thinking. The new environment, working atmosphere and colleagues have surpassed my expectations and enabled me to adapt myself quickly to the team. I believe that the synergy of the knowledge and experience of colleagues in the field of auto industry and my knowledge of the work in the multinational company contributed to the development of logistics department of AD Plastik Group.

Denis Miletić

Director of Logistics

I started to work in Togliatti in 2004 as a controller at the production plant and then as an engineer controller. Since 2012 I have been working as a quality engineer, and acquired knowledge and work experience in various production facilities enable me to actively participate in the development and maintenance of the AD Plastik Togliatti management system. Two years ago I successfully completed training at Bureau Veritas and became an internal auditor of the management system (I-ATF 16949: 2016, ISO 14001: 2015). I am proud to be a participant in the development and formation of the automotive industry both in the Russian market and internationally.

Svetlana Gennadyevna Solodova

Quality Engineer

I started working in AD Plastik Togliatti in October 2011 on the position of an expert associate of the Human Resources Department. During my work I have gained tremendous knowledge and skills and I have been attending professional trainings. Friendly team, complete mutual understanding and close fellowship helped me to develop many business qualities. Now I am Human Resources Department Manager which confirms my professional development in our company. It is very nice to work “shoulder to shoulder” with high-end experts, gain experience and be part of the automotive industry’s development on the international market.

Oxana Viktorovna Tihonova

Human Resource Manager

I joined AD Plastik Group in May 2012 in Mladenovac. I did not know enough about the company before I came, so it meant getting to know the system in the true sense of the word. My work was marked by the rise and establishment of the system and the standards of the group at the plant in Mladenovac. Employee awareness had to be raised in a sense that responsibility for business operations and the establishment and respect of legal standards are useful to everyone. Work in the company is very dynamic and different experiences have been gained within which both ADP and I have been developing. It is a special pleasure that I got to know the true meaning of the concept of collegiality, teamwork and exchange of ideas right here. Apart from the dynamism, a great motivation is stability which is necessary to all of us. This is a stable system to which we contribute with our work.

Veselin Zokić