General Information

ADPL share
Ticker ADPL
Bloomberg ticker ADPL CZ, ADPLRA CZ
LEI number 549300NFX18SRZHNT751
Number of issued shares 4,199,584
Free float 68.36%
Nominal share price HRK 100.00
Share capital HRK 419,958,400
Market price per share HRK 128.00
Market capitalization HRK 537.55 mil
Stock exchange where shares are emitted Zagreb Stock Exchange
Specialists Intercapital securities Ltd.

Share price

Trading data 03.04.2020
Last price 128.00
Change % 4.92 %
Best offer - purchase 128.00
Best offer - sale 129.00
Starting price 124.00
Highest price 132.00
Lowest price 124.00
Final price 128.00
Number of transactions 148
52 weeks - the highest 202.00
52 weeks - the lowest 93.00
Total quantity 16,737.00
Total turnover 2,155,199.50

Trading data is the property of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. The user is allowed to use data and information for personal use only. Any use and distribution of data for commercial purposes without the prior approval of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Inc. is prohibited. Zagreb Stock Exchange Inc. is not responsible for any damage that may be the result of using this data. AD Plastik d.d. does not guarantee the non-occurrence of any disruptions, inaccuracies or omissions in the data, regardless of the cause, nor is it responsible for the possible damage that may occur as a result.

Ownership structure

as of 31.10.2019

Top 10 shareholders 03.04.2020
Shareholder %
ADDIKO BANK D.D. (14036333877)/RAIFFEISEN OMF KATEGORIJE B (53009692506) 8.32
ADDIKO BANK D.D. (14036333877)/PBZ CO OMF - KATEGORIJA B (99318944138) 2.90
HPB D.D. (87939104217)/KAPITALNI FOND D.D. (08269700991) 2.78
ERSTE & STEIERMARKISCHE BANK D.D. (23057039320) 2.51
AD PLASTIK D.D. (48351740621) (1/1) 1.64
BOBAN JOSIP (81981266283) 1.46
PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB D.D. (02535697732) 1.42
ADDIKO BANK D.D. (14036333877)/RAIFFEISEN OMF KATEGORIJE A (73608771116) 1.08
In total 57.00

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Frequently asked questions

When will the next financial statements be published?

Publication Schedule for the Financial Statements for the current year is available in the annual report for the previous year and on the company's website. All financial statements and changes are published on the website of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and AD Plastik.

Will the dividend be paid?

The decision on dividend payment is made at the General Assembly which is held in July each year. The dividend policy of the company is to pay at least 50 percent of the available funds.

I'm a shareholder and I'm interested in how I can be sure that the dividend shall be paid to me?

The dividend payment will be made on the basis of available data recorded in the depository of the Central Depository Clearing Company Inc. ( The dividend payment account must be registered under the name of the shareholder and the payout account details must be accurate and complete so that payment can be made.

Analitičari koji prate ADPL

Analysts who follow ADPL

By applying different financial models, analysts estimate the future business of the company and determine its target value. When assessing the company's future business, it is extremely important to have a high level of transparency and quality of management communication.

Any opinions, estimates or forecasts of analysts related to AD Plastik Group's business represent only their opinion, not necessarily opinion, estimates and forecasts of the company or the Management Board.