Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility is our choice!

Corporate social responsibility is a part of the business model of AD Plastik Group and one of the most important components of the company’s development policy. The well-being and community stability are the foundation of the sustainable development of any modern company, this is why the investments in progress in all aspects of corporate social responsibility are planned strategically.

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Positive impact on the community

AD Plastik Group contributes to the development of the wider community in its business and strives to fully follow the global goals of sustainable development. We have a significant economic impact in the regions and countries in which we operate and we ensure stable and sustainable economic growth and jobs in which employees are provided with dignified work. We contribute to the industrialization of the countries in which we operate, and we have built a network of partners and suppliers around us to which we enable growth, development and employment. Following the latest trends in the auto industry, we encourage innovation and continuous technological advancement of several small and medium-sized companies. With our business, we have a positive impact on the growth of the living standard of the population and the reduction of inequality. Care of the environment, employees and community is involved in all business processes of the company.

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Health and safety of employees

AD Plastik Group is unconditionally concerned with the protection of employees' health and safety and continuously improves safety at work by ensuring safe working conditions, prevention of work injuries and the emergence of professional illnesses. The occupational safety system is implemented in the business system and it complies with the requirements of the legislation of the countries in which we operate.

Pozitivni učinak na zajednicu

Environmental Protection

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of all business activities of the company. We use resources and manage waste responsibly, take care of our social responsibility in the supply chain, reduce the negative impact on the environment using the latest technologies, renewable energy and green materials. Our environmental protection and energy management policies are the backbone of our behavior and performance and the basis for achieving the goals for improvement. Aware of our ongoing environmental responsibility, we constantly monitor and improve all aspects that affect or can affect on the environment.

Sustainability Reports

In its sustainability reports, the AD Plastik Group presents its results on the plans of economic, environmental and social performance. We are focused on improving communication and encouraging the exchange of opinions with all our stakeholders. We want to recognize and meet the interests of our stakeholders in a proper manner, so we encourage inclusion in the reporting of the individuals, groups, organizations and companies that have, or may have, a significant interest in the success of the company. Direct and transparent communication is of utmost importance so everyone interested can express their opinion about the report and topics that are relevant to them by completing the survey.

Code and Policies

The Code of Business Conduct and policies of the AD Plastik Group prescribes rules in accordance with company values, laws and regulations in force and the most up-to-date standards of auto industry.

The Code of Business Conduct and policies Rulebook on donations and sponsorships

AD Plastik is a signatory of the Code of Business Ethics of the Croatian Chamber of Economy dated 23 May 2005.

Code of Business Ethics of the Croatian Chamber of Economy