AD Plastik received the HRIO award in the field of children’s rights

As part of the 14th Conference on Sustainable Development, the Croatian Sustainability Index awards were awarded for the fifteenth time. AD Plastik is the winner of the HRIO award in the field of children’s rights, and the award was accepted on behalf of the company by Zlatko Bogadi, a member of the Management Board for Production, Logistics and Quality.

“Respecting children’s rights, as well as human rights in general, is the basic premise of a sustainable future and each of us, from our position and in accordance with our capabilities, should contribute to their protection as much as possible. Every child on this planet, without exception, has the right to develop and realize its potential, and by caring for children we all contribute to a better future. AD Plastik Group invests great efforts in the constant improvement of all aspects of sustainable business, and this is an unquestionable part of our mission and business strategy. I thank you for the award, which is an additional incentive for us to be better and realize numerous possibilities and improvements in the future,” said Zlatko Bogadi while accepting the award.

The Croatian Sustainability Index (HRIO) is a methodology that provides a comprehensive insight into the sustainability of business practices, a review of compliance with the latest provisions of the European Union, as well as a comparison with the practices of other Croatian companies. More than a hundred companies take part in the annual assessment, which has been carried out for the fifteenth year in a row (previously known as the CSR Index).

Congratulations to all winners!