AD Plastik received the HRIO award in the category of large companies

The HRIO awards, given for the fourteenth year in a row by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD) and the Croatian Chamber of Economy, were solemnly presented at the annual Sustainable Development Conference. AD Plastik is the winner of the HRIO award in the category of large companies, which was accepted on behalf of the company by the President of the Management Board Marinko Došen.

“Sustainable business nowadays is the responsibility of every company, regardless of business operations, size, or geographic affiliation. It is our duty to live in harmony with our environment and preserve this planet for future generations. We are happy that our efforts and progress have been recognized by the professional public and although sustainable business is an integral part of our corporate culture, we are aware that we are at the very beginning. Sustainable business is an ongoing process that we must live every day and it must be woven into all segments of the business. It is the only way to succeed and survive in the modern market. Each award is a pleasure for us and in a way a confirmation of successful work, but above all, it is an additional obligation and motivation for an even better future,” said Marinko Došen, President of the Management Board of AD Plastik.

The Croatian Sustainability Index (HRIO) is a methodology that provides a comprehensive insight into the sustainability of business practices, compliance with the latest provisions of the European Union, and comparison with the practices of other Croatian companies. Activities in six areas are evaluated, and this rating measures the level of sustainability of companies in Croatia. The awards are given once a year, and more than a hundred companies participate in the evaluation. It is a practice by which a company integrates sustainable development into the decision-making system to a greater extent than prescribed by legislation and thus manages the impact of its business on the environment and society. In order to be in line with the latest European directives and standards, global ratings, and Sustainable Development Goals, the former CSR Index has been upgraded and modernized and changed its name to the Croatian Sustainability Index – HRIO.