Award 100% Lider Invest

AD Plastik has won the award 100% Lider Invest in the category of the best medium investment, which relates to investment in a new painting line amounting to HRK 141 million.

Lider Invest is a new project for the selection of the best manufacturing investments in Croatia which has been launched with the aim of giving credited social recognition to entrepreneurs who have dared to invest in manufacturing. The goal is to encourage entrepreneurs who are thinking about investment, but also to emphasize the importance of production in the Croatian economy.

„Given that we are working in a highly competitive industry on the global market, such awards make us extremely proud because we have won nominations for new deals that are realized in Croatia thanks to the investment in painting line. By 2020 more than EUR 100 million is planned to be realized and thanks to the investment, we have hired more than 120 new employees. In the period from 2012 to 2014 we realized a large investment cycle in order to increase production capacities regarding existing technologies and to improve process. Such investments are justified by long-term business agreements and realization growth. The Edison project that has had the greatest impact on the increase in production over the past year certainly is a confirmation of AD Plastik’s capability and a good platform for realization of new deals in the future,“ said director of Zagreb production site Zlatko Bogadi when receiving the award.

All investments worth more than HRK 150 million have been nominated for the award 100% Lider Invest for the best large manufacturing investment, all investments worth between HRK 10 million and 150 million have been qualified for the best medium manufacturing investment and investments worth less than HRK 10 million have competed for the best small manufacturing investment.

The Lider Invest Expert Committee evaluated investments according to export orientation, share of domestic input, number of newly created job positions, technological level of investment, added value in the finished product and ecological acceptability.

Award for the best large manufacturing investment was given to the pharmaceutical company Jadran Galenski laboratorij (JGL) for the construction project of the complex Pharma Valley worth HRK 357 million, while award for the best small manufacturing investment was given to Kostel Promet from Pregrada and Sobočan interijeri from Mursko Središće.