We support the employment of people with disabilities

As part of the project “Experience is Worth its Weight in Gold”, AD Plastik actively participates in encouraging the employment of people with disabilities. This year too, eight students with disabilities were given the opportunity to do internships in leading Croatian companies, including AD Plastik. The project, which has been going on for 12 years, has connected more than 190 students with employers, 12 of whom got permanent employment. This initiative significantly contributes to social inclusion and equality in the labor market, and this topic was also discussed at the panel “Persons with disabilities in the Croatian labor market – challenges and opportunities” in which Krešimir Mikulandra, human resources development coordinator, participated.

“We firmly believe in an inclusive work environment and actively support the employment of people with disabilities. We recognize their unique talents and the contribution they bring to our team. Although we face the challenges of adapting the work space and processes, we are dedicated to creating conditions that enable the equal participation of all employees. Our commitment to inclusion is not only an ethical obligation, but also a strategic advantage that enriches our working community and contributes to the long-term success of the company,” said Krešimir Mikulandra.