Croatia’s Big Security Award to AD Plastik

As part of the 13th Conference of Croatian Security Managers held in Opatija, Croatia’s Big Security Awards 2019 were presented at the ceremony. AD Plastik won the award in the category Achievement and Development of Security in corporations, which was awarded for the successful integration of information and cyber security business processes. President of the Association of Croatian Security Managers Alen Ostojić presented the award to the President of the Management Board of AD Plastik, Marinko Došen.

“This award is extremely important to us. It confirms that our efforts and investments in raising corporate security level have been recognized by the professional public. AD Plastik operates in a very demanding global automotive market that has very high corporate and security standards. The results we achieve, as well as the awards we receive, give us the right to think that we are successful in this,” said Marinko Došen, thanking the expert jury and the organizers for recognizing the efforts and results of AD Plastik.

Croatia’s Big Security Award is awarded in 12 categories to individuals, companies, institutions and the local community for a significant contribution to achieving and developing the security of the Republic of Croatia. 

The main theme of the Thirteenth Conference of Croatian Security Managers was “New Forms of Security in Focus,” and the President of the Management Board of AD Plastik also participated in the “Economy and Security” panel in the working part of the conference. Marinko Došen illustrated the importance of security with examples in the AD Plastik business. “There are two key reasons why we are constantly investing in systems. One of them is the field of manufacturing globality, because we export to 24 countries worldwide from our five factories in different countries. Another important reason for investing in corporate security is the fact that we have a special relationship with our customers with whom we are constantly connected with information systems. This requires every serious managament board to deal seriously with risk assessments. Following such evaluations, we bring in a whole set of procedures. We have formed a team within the company that is constantly dealing with such problems,” Došen said.

He emphasized that with the development of technologies, risks also develop, and added: “Fortunately, both resistance, that is solutions that cancel out the consequences of such risks, also develop. In order to survive in the industry, we must pay special attention to the risks and the strengthening of corporate security.”

The conference was opened with welcome speeches held by Alen Ostojić, President of the Association of Croatian Security Managers, Holger Haibach, the Head of the Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for Croatia and Slovenia and Damir Krstičević, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of the Republic of Croatia.