Croatian Sustainability Index (HRIO) in the category of sustainable corporate governance

At the 15th Conference on Sustainable Development held in Zagreb, HRIO awards were awarded for the sixteenth time in a row, organized by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

AD Plastik is this year’s winner of the HRIO award in the category of sustainable corporate governance.

I consider sustainable corporate governance extremely important, that is, fundamental for the development of the company’s sustainability as a whole, which is why this award is particularly important to us.

Only through sustainable governance can we contribute to the development of social and ecological aspects of sustainability and achieve their balance, to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders. In this way, we increase transparency, ethics, and responsibility, but above all, we maintain credibility and trust.

All our employees apply high principles of sustainability in their daily work and our success would not be possible without their dedication and effort. And I thank them very much for that.

Awards are always an additional incentive for us, and we believe that we contribute to the creation of positive changes in society and a better future with our example, said the President of the Management Board, Marinko Došen, when accepting the award.

The HRIO methodology evaluates the sustainability of the companies’ business operations in accordance with the latest European directives, global standards, and sustainable development goals, and awards are given to the most successful Croatian companies that apply socially responsible practices.

The challenges of structural and systematic business changes in times when we are faced with the consequences of the climate crisis, which have increasingly significant impacts on business processes, and the responsibilities that businessmen have in creating resilient and green communities, are one of the many topics of this year’s Conference on Sustainable Development.