Belgian students in Solin

As part of the study tour, senior year students of Helmo Gramme Institut from Belgia have visited AD Plastik production site in Solin to become more closely acquainted with the industry, work and culture of other countries. Twelve students were led by professor Pierre Ernst and the host during the visit was Marijana Topić Domić, director of product design and development department.

Students have visited the production site and got answers on lots of questions with particular emphasis on efforts being made for environment protection, renewable energy and recycling production materials. “We’ve been staying in Split and surrounding area for a few days and we’ve saved visit to AD Plastik for the end to become more closely acquainted with all aspects of the business. Given that this visit will result in writing our master’s thesis, we are grateful for the multitude of information we have heard and seen today” – said Jean Vercouillie, one of Belgian students.