Award for continuous investment

The second day of the first Lider Financial and Investment Forum brought together numerous relevant stakeholders of the domestic financial and real sector, and it was marked by the award ceremony for the best small, medium and large production investments in Croatia.

AD Plastik received a special recognition for continuous investment, and the award was accepted by the Management Board Consultant, Katija Klepo, who also participated in the panel “Who invests in what and how to choose”.

“This year, we applied an investment in the development of exterior products, which are strategic products on which we base the company’s planned growth. The value of the investment was over EUR 2.5 million, which primarily refers to tools for injection molding and additional equipment for vibration and ultrasonic welding. Although the customer initially demanded the use of gluing and hot air technology, we proved all the advantages of vibration and ultrasonic welding compared to the planned one. By replacing the aforementioned technology, labor costs, electricity consumption and risks have been reduced, and the positive impact on the overall carbon footprint is especially important. With this, we have strengthened our relationship with the customer, ensured good references and future inquiries”, said Katija Klepo, Relations with State Institutions and Funds Consultant. Investments are increasingly important to domestic production companies, and concrete examples could be heard as part of the panel where Klepo highlighted the importance of investing in the modernization of production capacities and the demandingness of the automotive industry in terms of sustainability and energy-efficient technologies.