Major managerial reinforcement

Murat Ayhaner is the new managerial reinforcement of AD Plastik Group who joined the team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and he will lead the research, development and project departments. His impressive experience in the automotive industry, where he has been working for more than 34 years as a mechanical engineer in the field of engineering, makes him a star of the automotive industry that we rarely meet in this areas.

Until recently, he was one of the key figures in the research and development of Tofaş in Turkey, one of the leading industrial concerns and car manufacturers co-owned by Stellantis. Starting 27 years ago with the construction of infrastructure, recruitment and staff development, Mr. Ayhaner has created the research and development department of Tofaş from the very beginning, which is what that company is most recognized for today.

He managed numerous international projects for the FCA Group, today’s Stellantis, and thus spent a large part of his career in Italy. Mr. Ayhaner actively participated in European research projects and value optimization activities and built an excellent network of contacts within the industry. He is a lecturer at the University of Istanbul in the course Basics of the Automotive Industry. Mr. Ayhaner has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and during his career he has attended, and himself held, a number of professional educations in the field of automotive industry development and staff management.

Murat Ayhaner brings rich experience and expertise in the areas of vehicle design and development, project and team management, as well as development of engineering solutions. With his visionary solutions and the skills he possesses, he will certainly make an excellent contribution to the future and to the improvement of the development of AD Plastik Group, which are aspired to. Welcome to the team!