The investment that contributed the most to the export

The Investment Conference and the Lider Invest Award Ceremony for the best production investments in Croatia were held in Zagreb, where the best small, medium, and large production investments were awarded.

AD Plastik was awarded for its special contribution, namely for the investment that contributed the most to export. The award was given by Miodrag Šajatović from Lider, and it was accepted by Katija Klepo, Relations with State Institutions and Funds Consultant of the Management Board.

One of the company’s strategic goals is the development and production of automotive components with added value, which the Ford project certainly is. This is one of the largest packages of exterior products, and its complexity is best illustrated by the fact that the production capacities of the factories in Solin and Zagreb have been engaged.

The Lider Invest project was created in 2016 to promote production investments that create new jobs, increase export, and create added value. In this way, a positive atmosphere is created for production companies that do not give up on investments, despite numerous challenges.