Exiting FADP

Share sale and purchase agreement of the company Faurecia ADP Holding has been signed, according to which AD Plastik sold 40 percent of its share to Faurecia Automotive Holdings. In that manner Faurecia has become the sole owner of Faurecia ADP Holding, that is the Russian factory FADP in Luga.

Exiting FADP has been planned and included in the business plans of AD Plastik Group for 2017 and cooperation with Faurecia successfully continues. AD Plastik and Faurecia have joint venture company EuroAPS also in Romania, where they have an equal share.

„AD Plastik Group plans to develop and expand in the Russian market in the long term, but from a strategic point of view we want to have shares in companies in which we are majority owners. We want to preserve and strengthen our positions in the Russian market. Currently AD Plastik Group is competing for several new projects in the Russian market, the market has gradually been stabilizing, the ruble course has been recovering and new deals with Ford have been sealed. In any case we see the Russian market as an opportunity for further business development,“ said Marinko Došen, President of the Management Board on that occasion.