Sealed deals worth EUR 100 million

AD Plastik Group has sealed new deals worth about EUR 100 million. These are new deals for customers Ford and PSA Group in European and Renault Group and Volkswagen in the Russian market.

Deals were sealed on production of side fender claddings and decorative door trims for the new Ford mini SUV that will be produced in Romania. The start of production is scheduled for 2019, with a projected duration of eight years. New components will be produced in Solin and Zagreb, and the expected revenue from the above mentioned deal in the eight-year period amounts to EUR 80 million.

At the same time, a deal was sealed on the production of glass run channels for several PSA Group vehicles, whose start of production is scheduled in 2020 with a projected duration of six years. Expected revenue for the said PSA Group project amounts to EUR 12.8 million in six years.

Several new deals in the Russian market were sealed with a total value of EUR 8.3 million. In that way, a deal was sealed with Renault Russia on the production of exterior components for Logan Sandero, Stepway and Duster phase 2 vehicles, which will be produced at AD Plastik’s plants in Kaluga and Vintai, and they are partly intended for the Brazilian market. The start of production is scheduled for 2019 and the projected project duration is four years.

A deal was sealed for production of grille for Renault in Kaluga plant whose project is scheduled to start in 2020 with a projected duration of three years. A deal for production of grab handles for the vehicles VW Polo and VW Rapid in AD Plastik Group’s Russian plant in Kaluga was sealed and the start of production was scheduled in 2019 with a projected seven-years project duration.