The long-awaited facelift of Smart

Smartforfour will soon take on a different look, and the second phase of production of this vehicle will start in mid-2019. AD Plastik has sealed a deal for the new Smart vehicle, so most of the parts will be replaced with new ones. The total value of the project is somewhat above EUR 14 million in the four years period, which is its projected duration.

Changes to the new Smart will be visible on the front of the car. By modifying the front bumper with components, the front decorative grille has become considerably larger. There will also be a variety of options for colored grilles as earlier, and new colors will be introduced to give Smart a more beautiful appearance. Specific feature of Smart is the ability to personalize the vehicle due to the two-color body and the large choice of colors and materials in the interior of the vehicle.

AD Plastik is currently producing the complete exterior components for the front and rear part of the vehicle, which includes front and rear bumper with components, as well as the front engine cover and mudguards, painted in the color of the vehicle body.