Management Board and Trade Unions Sign a New Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Management Board of AD Plastik Group signed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2021 with trade unions, pursuant to which employees of AD Plastik d.d. shall maintain a high level of social and substantive rights. Having signed the said agreement in these difficult times and business conditions characterized by strong negative trends, AD Plastik Group has once again confirmed that it is a responsible employer ready for social dialogue. The fact that the employees are the most important component in the development process of AD Plastik Group has thus once again been confirmed by the Company Management Board in the current period of new, severe and uncertain working conditions resulting from the pandemic.

The agreement has been concluded for a period of one year between the Management Board of AD Plastik d.d. and the three trade unions active within the framework of the Company; namely, Autonomous Trade Union in the Power, Chemistry and Non-Metal Industry of Croatia, the AD Plastik RIS Zagreb Trade Union and the independent trade union of employees of AD Plastik Solin.