Health Friendly AD Plastik

As of today, AD Plastik is a proud holder of the “Health Friendly Company” certificate awarded by the Ministry of Health and the Croatian Institute of Public Health within the National Programme “Healthy Living“.

Dinka Nakić, Head of the Department for Coordination of Activities for the Promotion and Preservation of Lifelong Health of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, presented the certificate to the Executive Director of Human Resources and Business Organization of AD Plastik Group, Mira Pavić. “The safety and health of employees have always been the highest priority of our company, and this was especially evident during the pandemic. We focus our internal activities on promoting a healthy business environment and adopting healthy habits in general. It is an added value for our employees, but also for the company as a whole. Satisfied and happy employees are our ultimate goal,” said Mira Pavić.

The “Health Friendly Company” is part of the Health and Workplace component within the Programme “Healthy Living”, and is aimed at employees and the promotion of healthy life habits as well as the improvement of health in the workplace. The assessment of the working environment within companies is carried out by the Croatian Institute of Public Health in seven key areas: nutrition, promotion of physical activity, protection of employee health in the workplace, smoking ban, ban on alcohol consumption, environmental regulation and employee health protection.

The label “Health Friendly Company” is held by the companies that recognize healthy values and care about improving the health of their employees, and AD Plastik is officially among them as of today. The certificate is awarded for two years, and before its renewal, the condition is re-evaluated.