Education 4.0. – industry-tailored school

The conference Education 4.0. – industry-tailored school was held in Zagreb, with the primary objective of encouraging a wider discussion on the gap between education programs in Croatia and the needs of the economy. The conference attracted the most famous local names from the industry, and AD Plastik was represented by Hrvoje Jurišić, Executive Director of Research and Development. As an industry representative, he spoke on this topic with Stjepan Sučić, Končar KET’s Development Director and Matija Gracin, Director of Components at Rimac Automobili company.

The conference was also supported by Steven Corbin, Sales, Strategy and Partner Development Director – 3DS Global Value Solutions, Matteo Cocca and Natacha Becard from Dassault Systemes educational part and prof. dr. sc. Daniel Rolph Schneider, Vice-Dean for Business and Organization at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Conference Education 4.0. – industry-tailored school is the start of a discussion to provide 3D design and simulation tools to technical schools and colleges, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Education, through available EU funds. The main goals of such gatherings are to connect the real sector and education, to provide a competent workforce and to develop the skills and knowledge needed in the modern industry.

The goal is to provide the necessary education and teaching content for teachers and professors through the CADCAM Education Center and Dassault Systemes Learning Services. Efforts are being made to motivate students and pupils to use the tools through existing DS student development projects, to encourage involvement of the real sector through sponsored assignments and projects, and to encourage students and pupils to acquire concrete and real knowledge and skills needed in the real sector.